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"A Home in Paradise" 
Viewing Party

Host your own Viewing Party 

We Are Chaffee encourages you to host a movie viewing house party, work gathering or board meeting. We will include an online tool kit that will provide everything you need to create vibrant discussions.  


Please fill out the form below, and we will send you instructions on how to access the film. 

"A Home in Paradise" Discussion-Provoking Questions

  1. What was your biggest takeaway/learning from the film? What resonated? What did not?

  2. What do you think are the most important barriers to affordable housing in our community?

  3. Talk about if you or someone you know has experienced challenges to acquire safe and affordable housing and the impact that had on you/them.

  4. How do you feel substance misuse and addiction impacts our community?

  5. Talk about what “socioeconomic divide” means to you and how you think that plays out in our community.

  6. Do you believe you have the power to create community change? If so, what does that mean to you, or what does that look like?

  7. Talk about a time you shared a connection with someone different from you (in culture, ethnicity, generation, politics, life experience, etc.).

  8. How do you envision what Chaffee County will look like in 2050? What would you like to see?

  9. How old will you be in 2050 and how does that change your perspective?

Survey & Toolkit Access

Please access the Toolkit and Survey by scanning the QR code or clicking the link.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at

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