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Storm - A Person Outside the Box

Written by Megan Juba 


“I was meditating. I was sitting on a friend's porch and the sun was setting…thinking specifically about Druidism and how they tend to thank the earth, the air and the water. And I was,like, if the earth is masculine and the air is feminine then I must be the water. I started to realize that maybe I’m not a woman the way that I thought I was.” After this epiphany (along with a big move away from home in Philly), they started identifying as non-binary and gave up a “too girly” given name to choose a new one–Storm. This was the beginning of their social transition which “is when transgender people go in public and use a name that is true to their heart and present in the way they want to be perceived.” And not long after this, medical transition which, for them, was top surgery and taking a weekly low dose of testosterone which brings “...voice changes, being stinky, growing a beard…and all the teen angst that comes with it!” Regarding their advocacy work with the local PfCA (Partners for Community Action)--which supports local LBGTQ kids–they laugh,” It’s kinda nice to be going through that second puberty with a bunch of middle schoolers that are going through their first one. I’m glad I can give my wisdom to them but they also remind me what it was like and that I’m not the only one going through it.”


Storm is living in Chaffee County as an Americorps member. They wish Salida were more queer friendly. So much oppression is still happening (here and everywhere). “People are like, ‘Oh there’s rainbow flags around town, everything is ok.’ That’s not always the case.” Storm says, “People would be more accepting if we learned to educate each other on those who are not like us.”


Storm is 24 years old and has big wistful dreams for the future. They get giggly and smile big when talking about their partner. They would like to someday settle in a safe location, to have a cute little house with a yard and a couple of cats, to be financially stable, to own a business or work in theater, to live abroad and become bilingual. To be themself in the world! “I wish I could just be seen as a person, not just my trans identity. There’s so many other parts about me that are important. It’s just putting people in boxes. The whole point of living your true authentic self is to not be in those boxes anymore.”

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