Stacy - Skater to the CORE

Written by Bianka Martinez


“I was planning on giving a TED Talk in the future, so I guess this is just practice.”


Stacy Falk shuffles papers around and stares at a shoe rack full of her skates. Born in Denver, and later migrating to Park County, the only jewish person in a graduating class of 29. Later graduating with a degree in anthropology & journalism from Fort Lewis in Durango and a graduate certificate in publishing from University of Denver, it was difficult to believe Stacy was the one being interviewed.


“So…yeah, I had a very strong sense of community in Durango. I was there for sixteen years. Um, I ended up leaving due to a mental health crisis.” Recalling how she rarely slept, accomplishing so much, pouring her energy into community projects.  “I did so many different things looking back…too much, I couldn't find the balance.”


Leaving Durango to heal and be with her father after taking a significant blow to her health wasn’t as restorative as she had hoped. “I felt like I had nothing left. I was miserable and really just didn’t want to live.”


“I had a friend from Durango that grew up in Salida, she had just moved back and knew that I was with my dad. So she's like ‘just move to Salida, we'll figure it out’. And so I really do thank her for getting me here which changed my life.”


Choking up, Stacy recalled her first few weeks here in Salida, which included getting invited to roller derby practice. “I'd always sworn that I would never do that cause, I was a hockey player and all the hockey players are like ‘derbys this, derbys stupid.”

However, hindsight is 20-20. In about two years, during a pandemic, one of the biggest fires in the county, she sits in her skateshop, minding the clubhouse, serving as the base for her non-profit that ties together the four roller derby teams based out of Salida.


Rock bottom doesn't begin to describe where I was. I don't know where rock bottom is, but I was well under the rocks, and so when I came out of that , just lucky to be alive...”


She shrugs.


“I really don't have any fear of  ‘what if this doesn't work, or I don't have the money’.  I have a dream, I manifest it. I justify everything I went through by being here today.”