Nora - Sweet Girl in her Sweet World

Written by Megan Juba


Nora is 8 years old, going into 4th grade, full of favorites lists, rambling sentences, joy and excitement about what she can learn in her world. It’s 10am and she sits cozy on the couch in pajamas next to her little brother, Ash; her two dogs (Louise the puppy and Pax the old guy) that lay lazily amongst toy trucks, sheet music and books on the floor. She’s ready for an interview because she’s got “danglies” in her ears.


Like a true Montessoi student she says, “I really want to go somewhere where I can swim because I really like the water. It’s my favorite type of biome.” She likes birds, dolphins, turtles, sea horses, chickens, and her favorite of all, the wolf. “I did my third grade project on wolves and that is how I got to know them so well! She exclaims because now she truly knows wolves. She wants to be a marine biologist AAAAND an artist.


She has her own desk with her own computer, in her own pink and purple room with a window looking out into an aspen tree with the birds she loves most (mid sentence, she demonstrates the sound the Western Tanninger makes “cheecheechee cheeeee”), in a house “full of treasures,” in a town where she can walk to school by herself (“At first Mama was so worried but now that I’ve done it like 15 thousand times, she’s good.”), and ride her new periwinkle bike on S Mountain with her Papa (“He  is very tall!”), FIBArk and Bluegrass, best friends and “all these fun stuff.”

The only thing she’d change is to be closer to grandparents–Coach and Layla, Mimi and Poppy. “All I’ve wished is that Sherman, Texas, Tallahassee, Florida and Salida, Colorado were all in a peace sign shape of territories so they’d just be, like, next door.”