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Silvana Montero, on traumatic brain injuries, her multicultural upbringing and getting your ‘ride smile on’ with Bicibits

(Publication Date: 4.9.24) Listen Here


Jennifer Dempsey, on the value of social circus, Belfast during ‘The Troubles,’ creating resilience through humor and being the world’s worst waitress

(Publication Date: 3.26.24) Listen Here


Shane McNeil, on ‘Guy with the Chevy Tattoo,’ straight-edge punk, three chords and the truth, psilocybin, PMA & living in the gray

(Publication Date: 3.12.24) Listen Here


Gloria Esparza, on Gen Z, mental health among teens, generational disconnects, optimism for the future, and the best games of ‘cops & robbers’ ever

(Publication Date: 2.27.24) Listen Here


Thordis Simonsen, founder of the Museum of Authenticity, on living a bold, creative & courageous life

(Publication Date: 2.12.24) Listen Here


Ray Nypaver, nature-based psychotherapist, on ego & identity, fear & love, death & connecting with our true selves

(Publication Date: 1.30.24) Listen Here

Podcast Episodes


Julie Speer Jackson, Emmy Award-winning filmmaker & director of ‘A Home in Paradise’ 

(Publication Date: 6.18.24) Listen Here


Carrie & Michael Fox, on grief & healing, Russian roulette & revelation, poetry & music, and a whole lotta love

(Publication Date: 6.4.24) Listen Here


Thuy Nguyen, on self-empowerment & breaking free from a cult-like religion, overcoming postpartum depression, choosing gratitude & the pursuit of joy

(Publication Date: 5.21.24) Listen Here


Mahting Putelis, on his Latvian roots in Michigan, his ‘dirtbag’ 20s, realities of adventure photography, emergence of AI & the three things people want

(Publication Date: 5.7.24) Listen Here


Jason Marsden, on GARNA, the state of journalism today, being a cocktail party diversion at Harvard, and his friend Matthew Shepard

(Publication Date: 4.23.24) Listen Here


Zac Baird, keyboardist, on hanging out with rock stars, balancing life as a touring musician and dad, the hardest job he ever had & how he hooked up with Korn

(Publication Date: 1.16.24) Listen Here


Jed Selby, South Main developer & former pro kayaker, on affordable housing, building the future, his love of live music & what motivates him

(Publication Date: 1.2.24) Listen Here


Adam Williams looks back at the diverse guests that were on the podcast in 2023. He talks about new opportunities for listeners, readers and social media followers. He also gives a heads up on the three guests who will kickoff the biggest month, so far, on the podcast, in January 2024.

Publication Date: 12.26.23 Listen Here


Rob Dubin, happiness expert, on gratitude & resilience, employee happiness & ‘quiet quitting', a story of surviving against all odds & learnings from 17 years at sea

Publication Date 12.12.23 Listen Here

AlfRudd1 (1).jpg

Alpheus “Alf” Rudd, 10th-generation master blacksmith, on times gone by, the value of old-world skills and self-sufficiency, and ‘Forged in Fire’

Publication Date 11.28.23 Listen Here


Katie Brown, rock climber and memoirist (‘Unraveled’), on navigating hidden trauma and anorexia while publicly being celebrated as the ‘best female climber of the millennium’

Publication Date 11.14.23 Listen Here

KeithBaker3 (1).jpg

Keith Baker, County Commissioner and retired U.S. Navy Commander, on growing up in a ‘golden era,’ working with Gen. Colin Powell and servant leadership

Publication Date 10.31.23 Listen Here


Eddie Sandoval, chef, restaurateur and concert manager, on the visceral nature of music, sharing food as community, and travels in Southeast Asia

Publication Date 10.17.23 Listen Here

The Fites (Mars & Ashley), on family #vanlife, living dreams now, finding commonality with strangers of all stripes, and authenticity as digital creators

Publication Date 10.2.23 Listen Here

Suzy Kelly, historian & rancher, on capturing & losing stories of the past, Cockeyed Liz, Chief Ouray, post office controversy, & change

Publication Date: 9.19.23 Listen Here


Laurie Benson, on ‘Leading from the Feminine,’ community, the power of perception, and accepting life with a neutral spirit

(Publication Date: 9.5.23) Listen Here

Kimi Uno, on Riot Grrrl, ‘Howl’, her family’s experience of internment camp during World War II, and the importance of fighting for what’s right

(Publication Date: 8.21.23) Listen Here


Joe Parkin, on cycling, doping and race fixing, and his many adventures in ‘search of that thing that so completely enthralls’ the mind and body

(Publication Date: 8.8.23) Listen Here


In this short episode of the We Are Chaffee: Looking Upstream podcast, Adam Williams goes solo. He looks back at the diverse guests and topical threads of conversations in the first year of the podcast. He also takes a look at the guests’ stories that will kick off year two.

(Publication Date: 7.25.23) Listen Here


Rick Bieterman & Katy Welter, of Watershed Ranch, on adventure & leaps of faith, leadership & community, land conservation & historic preservation

(Publication Date: 7.11.23) Listen Here


Eric S. Lee, on growing up in Detroit in the Motown era, practices for inner peace, and restorative justice

(Publication Date: 6.27.23) Listen Here


Travis Macy, pro endurance athlete and author, on his new book, his father Mark Macy’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis, love and grief, optimism and resilience

(Publication Date: 6.13.23) Listen Here


Brinkley Messick, on his journey as an artist, his passion for the wilderness, and what he struggles with and loves most about fatherhood Listen Here

(Publication Date: 5.30.23)


Elisia Parham, on slam poetry, Black Lives Matter, allyship, confronting her own biases, activism out of love, and having difficult conversations  Listen Here 

(Publication Date: 5.16.23)


Sophia Herzog Gibb, two-time Paralympic medalist, on her swimming career, cultivating resilience and confidence, her dwarfism and a love story Listen Here 

(Publication Date: 5.2.23)

Monica White, on her yearslong struggle with Lyme disease and her advocacy as founder of the Colorado Tick-Borne Disease Awareness Association Listen Here

(Publication Date: 4.4.23)


Andrea Carlstrom, director of Public Health, on a ‘wild, surreal’ pandemic ride, optimism & gratitude, and finding love on a Phish Listen Here

(Publication Date: 3.21.23)

Lenny & Amy Eckstein, of the craft distillery Deerhammer, on big career changes and taking risks, leadership and crafting company culture, and squirt boating  Listen Here

(Publication Date: 3.07.23)


Wendell Pryor, on civil rights and public service, family values, the importance of Internet for rural connectivity, and only semi-retiring in his 70s  Listen Here

(Publication Date: 4.18.23)


AmyLennyEckstein (1).jpg

Jonathon Stalls, author, artist and advocate, on shedding painful life stories, learning to love himself, and advocating for connection through unhurried movement. Listen Here

(Publication Date: 2.21.23)


Les Messamer, on growing up fundamentalist, being shunned for enlisting during WWII, being a seagoing cowboy on the Pacific, and more... Listen Here

(Publication Date: 2.7.23)


Tayte Pollmann, on earthship architecture and sustainability, trail running and writing in Nepal, living with five housemates and the importance of Liège waffles  Listen Here

(Publication Date: 1.24.23)


Dominique Naccarato, director of GARNA, on growing up in Salida in the pre-Internet era, waves of change and a look into the 22nd century Listen Here

(Publication Date: 1.10.23)


Jenny Davis, founder of Achieve, on neurodiversity, why you’re better at meditation than you think, and searching for the Dalai Lama’s tea pot Listen here...

(Publication Date: 12.27.22)


Mike Orrill, retired pastor, on the difficulties of faith, freedom in doubts, the evolution of his beliefs, and the power of sharing stories  Listen Here...

(Publication Date: 12.13.22)


Beck Cerón (Pt. 2), on loving his transgender & sober self, the freedom of “queer,” and allyship in pronouns 


(Publication Date: 11.29.22)



Rob & Sarah Gartzman (‘The Biker & The Baker’), on balancing fear and love in business and marriage, and building a future that works. Read more...

(Publication Date: 11.15.22)


Miki Hodge and Becky Gray, on lessons from the Rainbow Family, confetti joy and bringing Jane's Place to life. Read More...

(Publication Date: 11.01.22)


Beck Cerón, on self-taught survival, addiction, sobriety and identity. Read More...

(Publication Date: 10.18.22)


Abigail Smedly & Tanya Wait, on public health, their paths to nursing, and the tangible expression of love. Read More...

(Publication Date: 10.04.22)


Art Hutchinson, on a rare history and the weight of legacy, changing times and preserving neutral ground. Read More...

(Publication Date: 9.20.22)


Nikki Ray, on growing up in a family struggling with drug addiction, run-ins with the law, getting clean, and serving her community. Read More...

(Publication Date: 9.6.22)


Alexandra Restrepo, on childhood with a drug-addicted mother, the enduring love of her father, and fighting for her biggest dream Read More...

(Publication Date: 8.23.22)

Lisa Martin_edited.jpg

Lisa Martin, Producer & Community Advocacy Coordinator, & Adam Williams, Host of Looking Upstream talk about We Are Chaffee and the new Looking Upstream podcast with Ken Matthews on KHEN Radio Read More...

(Publication Date: 8.9.22)


Andrea Carlstrom, Director of Public Health & Environment &

Becky Gray, Director of Chaffee Housing Authority talk about Public Health & Housing with Ken Matthews on KHEN Radio Read more...

(Publication Date: 7.26.22)

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